Triangle Bandage 37"X 37"X51"

$1.62 / EA
94 x 94 x 130cm (37 x 37 x 51") Triangular Bandage Our triangular bandages are 100% muslin cotton and are individually packaged. They are specially packaged for emergency use as a wound compress if no other bandage compresses are available. They are suitable for use in first aid kits and first aid training seminars. They offer other multiple uses: sling to support shoulder or injured limbs (arm, elbow, wrist, etc), tourniquet or esmarch bandage, stabilize and secure splinting on joints, secure instant cold or hot packs, secure wound dressings on large trauma wounds, and compression bandage to stop or reduce bleeding (only if no other medical compress bandage is available). Bandages come complete with 2 pins.